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      Hair can cause clogged drains, and after a period of use, usually shampoo will hang on the wall of the pipe, causing traffic jams. Hair usually causes clogged floor drains in bathrooms, clogged wash basins, clogged bathtubs, and clogged showers. Therefore, the floor drain cover and other protective facilities shall be covered during use. If you have a hair, you can pick it up and throw it in the trash.
      When your hair gets stuck in the sewer, what will you do? If the silting has been solved, you can use a hand dredger for dredging; if the silting is serious, you can use a dredger for dredging.
      Hard objects block the sewer: when hard objects are used, they will fall into the hard objects carelessly and block the sewer. This is also common. Some people don't cover the floor drain, so small things will fall into the sewer and cause blockage. How do we deal with them?
      If you can see the naked eye, you must use a hook tool to remove foreign objects or vacuum cleaners. If you can't see it, you can try a household vacuum cleaner. Sometimes it can produce unexpected results. If not, you need to use professional dredging tools. This is the best to find a professional pipe dredging company to deal with it.
      Decoration sewer blockage: This is most likely to happen in the decoration of the house. We have encountered a lot of decoration due to rough (careless), which is not accidental, so we must take protective measures before decoration. Blockages usually include concrete, tile chips, deposits, paint, woven bags, etc. If it is software such as woven bags, dredgers can be directly used for dredging. If it is cement slag, professional dredging tools are required for dredging.
      Dirt clogging: in the kitchen, grease clogged sewer generally occurs. This kind of clogging is generally the scale on the pipe wall. After serious dirt in the sewer, the water pipe is not smooth. If it is serious, a little dredger can be used.
      There is no solution with simple dredging method, only dredging blocking, blocking and blocking will occur. This is a vicious cycle. Use high-pressure water truck to clean the wall, or replace new pipes.
      The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan pipeline dredging to the causes of common pipeline blockage. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com