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      In our daily life, it is necessary to learn some knowledge about pipeline dredging. On the one hand, it can save costs, on the other hand, it can also be an emergency. Debris may pile up, hair may block the opening of the pipe, and the pipe may break. Here are some tips to help you:
      (method 1)
      Remove the blockage by dissolving it with a dredger. We need to remind the owner: before purchasing, please be sure to find out what material your sewer is, and purchase the appropriate pipe dredging agent according to the sewer material. Otherwise, the pipeline dredging agent may react with the pipeline and burn the pipeline.
      (method 2)
      Small spring dredger hands, about 100-200 yuan. It can be used for non rigid blocking, especially food scraps or hair. If it's difficult, you need to use a high-power pipe dredger, which can be 5cm in the mortar block. If you don't intend to remove the pipe, you'd like to have your sewage pipe on the wall, but from the architecture, no one will do the sewage pipe on the main wall, so deleting the problem does not affect the bearing.
      (method 3)
      Use the method of negative pressure, that is, rubber cup, to repeatedly press the nozzle, one loose and one tight extrusion.
      Specific operation:
      Add vinegar to dredge: first pour half a cup of boiled soda into the sewer, and then half a cup of vinegar. After the reaction between soda and acid in vinegar, the viscous substance in the pipe can be removed.
      The way to dredge logs: first, put a log with a diameter close to the outlet into the pipe, and put a certain amount of water into the pool, and quickly up and down the log without interruption. Under the action of suction and pressure, the dirt in the pipe will be washed away.
      Use water pressure dredging method: take a plastic pipe (or rubber pipe) with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of about 1 m, one end of which is tight to the faucet, the other end of which is inserted into the plug of the pool, use a cloth outside the rubber pipe, turn on the faucet of the pool, turn the faucet to the maximum, and the water pressure is enough to persist
      Pump dredging method: when the kitchen sewer is blocked, you can put the rubber pipe of the pump into the sewer, and then put a small amount of water, constantly pumping air, the pipe can be dredged.
      In a word, it is a tedious work to dredge the pipeline. As the cause of the blockage is unknown, the multi pipe method can be used, and various methods can be tried until dredge
      The above is a detailed introduction to the more effective way to dredge Jinan pipeline. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com