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      1、 Know all kinds of pipe cleaning knowledge
      Without knowledge points, knowledge lines and knowledge areas, it is impossible to operate pipelines to dredge various businesses on a large scale, including (municipal pipelines, sewage pipelines, rainwater pipelines, toilets, floor drains, sewers, etc.); pipeline cleaning; cleaning septic tanks; dredging, cleaning and construction of manholes; waterproof leakage; rescue; pipe replacement and basin replacement; river dredging; Oil separator, sewage, sludge, mud and other cleaning, transportation, regular care services.
      2、 Learn to develop customers
      Customers are mainly concentrated in real estate, communities, hotels, hotels, universities, schools and units, which can carry out long-term contract cooperation, send special nursing personnel, maintenance and other work, develop necessary price system, quickly avoid business blind spots, train new employees, contact various new enterprises, and earn more profits.
      Three. Preparation of business skills
      1. 疏通管道和下水道
      1. Dredge pipes and sewers
      (1) Municipal Pipeline: equipped with large-scale machinery to dredge various main pipelines, municipal pipelines and other large-scale sewage pipelines
      (2) Industrial pipeline: dredging, cleaning and maintenance services for water pipelines, sewage pipelines and ship pipelines in factories, residences and other places
      (3) Bathtub basin: dredge all kinds of bathtubs, basins and color pools, including V-shaped S-shaped elbows and various pipes
      (4) Squatting toilet: unblock the blockage caused by flushing various soft and hard objects into the toilet, such as rags, towels, cleaning balls, etc
      (5) Floor drain: dredge the blockage caused by cement, sand, hair, rags and other debris falling into the floor drain
      2. 管道安裝與維護
      2. Pipeline installation and maintenance
      (1) Water pipe installation: to undertake water pipe installation and replacement of aluminum plastic pipe, galvanized pipe and stainless steel pipe, and repair valve leakage
      (2) Water installation: the first floor to undertake all kinds of PVC pipes, cast iron pipes, cement pipes, water pipes and independent water transformation
      (3) Installation of toilets and basins: undertake the installation of various types of toilets and basins, change pits, repair water tank leakage and replace water tank accessories
      3, salvage
      Master various technologies and skills, so that employees can quickly and accurately salvage items falling into pits, toilets and sewers (such as mobile phones, gold and silver jewelry, watches, keys and other accessories).
      4. 明確
      4. clear
      Clean up the septic tank, oil separator, wax gourd, oil residue of water well and river silt.
      5. 重建管道和糞池
      5. Reconstruction of pipes and cesspools
      Specializing in various factories, companies, residential buildings, restaurants and other septic tanks, oil tank transformation, development zones, factories, municipal roads underground pipeline maintenance, installation, transformation, septic tanks, oil separator, sewage wells, basements, sewage tanks and other regular care, cleaning, transportation, cleaning services.
      The above is a detailed introduction to how to carry out business development of Jinan pipeline dredging. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com