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      Jinan septic tank cleaning is a device for dealing with feces and filtering sediment. The principle is that the solidified substance decomposes at the bottom of the pool, and the hydrate enters the pipe and flows out at the upper layer, so as to prevent the pipe from blocking and give the solidified substance (waste such as feces) sufficient hydrolysis time. Septic tank is a small-scale treatment structure that settles domestic sewage and anaerobic digests sludge.
      Quality requirements of
      化糞池的清洗周期與溫度、空氣溫度、建筑物性質、排水水質和水量有關。如果設計的清洗周期太短,化糞池的糞液濃度過高,之間的差距而設計的清洗周期和實際清洗周期過大,影響正常的發酵和污水處理效果,甚至導致液體肥料的溢出,影響環境衛生。設計清洗周期過長,化糞池容積過大,增加了成本。“代碼建筑給排水設計規范》(以下簡稱“代碼”)需要清洗周期3 ~ 12個月,實際設計需要超過3 ~ 9個月,和酸發酵的酸發酵階段3個月期間,酸下降約5個月。實踐證明,從污水處理效果、工程造價和管理等方面考慮,清洗周期不應少于12個月。
      The cleaning cycle of septic tank is related to temperature, air temperature, building property, drainage water quality and quantity. If the designed cleaning cycle is too short, the concentration of manure in the septic tank is too high, the gap between the designed cleaning cycle and the actual cleaning cycle is too large, which will affect the normal fermentation and sewage treatment effect, even lead to the overflow of liquid fertilizer, and affect the environmental health. The design cleaning cycle is too long and the volume of septic tank is too large, which increases the cost. "Code building water supply and drainage design code" (hereinafter referred to as "code") requires a cleaning cycle of 3-12 months, the actual design needs more than 3-9 months, and the acid fermentation stage of acid fermentation has a period of 3 months, and the acid drops for about 5 months. It has been proved that the cleaning period should not be less than 12 months considering the sewage treatment effect, project cost and management.
      Cleaning standard
      (1) The excrement, sewage and stains in the septic tank shall be removed and properly treated.
      (2) Ensure that all septic tanks in the service area do not overflow.
      (3) In case of any abnormal situation such as sewage overflow from the septic tank, please go to the septic tank for treatment within 8 hours after receiving the notice.
      (4) Proper safety measures shall be taken during cleaning.
      The above is a detailed introduction to the cleaning quality requirements of Jinan septic tank. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com