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      In real life, when you go to the supermarket, you can see that all kinds of pipeline agents and pipeline dredging particles are full of eyes. It can be said that it is a new type of deep kitchen and bathroom pipeline cleaning product, which is mainly used for lobbying of various organic substances caused by oil, hair and food residues, such as cotton fiber and paper blockage. At the same time, it also has a clear pipeline odor and kills bacteria, Bacteria and parasites, tubes help clean the sanitary corners of the home.
      So will dredger for sewer corrode the pipeline?
      1. 管道疏浚劑一般有顆粒、粉狀、片狀、固體、液體等,其主要成分有氫氧化物、發泡劑、次氯酸鈉、碳酸鈉、閃蒸液速度因子等;
      1. The pipeline dredging agent generally includes particles, powders, flakes, solids, liquids, etc., and its main components include hydroxide, foaming agent, sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate, flash liquid velocity factor, etc;
      2. At present, the domestic pipes and cast iron are widely used as the old houses of pipes. But now many PVC materials are used, which are also commonly known as plastics. Instead of chemical reaction with strong acid, it only reacts with the surface of aluminum and aluminum, such as corrosion black, sulfurization, benzene are also packed with plastics, so you don't respond. They have been used with cast iron pipes for a long time, There are villains and demons inside, such as rust, insect eggs, insect bodies, oil, etc. benzene can decompose and corrode all these things, including a layer of rust on the surface of cast iron, which can disappear, but it does not react with cast iron itself;
      3. The main drain dredger sodium hydroxide (caustic soda, causticity) is a strong alkali grease effect (saponification reaction) cast iron does not affect, the aluminum pipe of the pipe has certain corrosion, if it is aluminum, you can not own it, if the hose, then you should pay attention to the selection of the pipe agent, some pipe agents are not suitable for the hose, if you are a PVC pipe, casting can generally be used;
      4. Generally, there will be some irritating taste after the dredging agent pours and reacts, but generally it will not hurt. However, it should be reminded that some pipe dredgers must be used according to the proportion of the instruction, or some kitchen pipes will cause damage.
      The above is about the corrosion analysis of pipeline by pipeline dredging agent. Do you understand?