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    Speaking of dredger, you should have heard about it, because many families have used it. In a simple way, dredger is a new kind of cleaning tool for kitchen and bathroom pipes. No matter oil, vegetable dregs, hair and other organic matters can be dissolved and dredged, what's the use method?
    1、 Dredger product performance:
    In fact, the pipeline dredger can quickly and effectively decompose the grease, hair, and other blockages in thesewer, so as to achieve a fast dredge and strong sterilization, and eliminate the peculiar smell. Moreover, it can effectively prevent pipe blockage and maintenance, and also has no corrosiveness to cast iron, rubber, plastic pipes, etc. So it is a more affordable, convenient and quick cleaning product.
    2、 Application scope of dredger:
    1. The pipeline dredger can quickly dissolve organic matters, such as grease, hair, leftovers of vegetable leaves, kitchen garbage, tea residue, pet hair, flying insects and cockroaches, toilet paper, mop hair and other kinds of small blockages.
    2. Applicable pipe type: no corrosion to cast iron and plastic pipes. But remember never to use it for aluminum products.
    3、 Usage of dredger:
    1. Take about 40 grams, which is what we call a bottle cap, and then take a proper amount of tap water, which is about 2 times of the dredger and place them separately, without mixing and dissolving.
    2. After pouring the dredger into the pipe, continue to add water to flush in.
    3. After cleaning for 5-10 minutes, observe the dredging effect. If it is still not opened, continue to operate again, but wait for more than 30 minutes.
    4. For the use time of plastic pipes, it must be noted that heat will be generated during use. If the amount of heat added in a single time is too large, the pipes may be deformed due to the high temperature rise in an instant. Therefore, the use should be carried out in accordance with the principle of "small amount and many times". That is to say, the amount of each use should not exceed 40 grams, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. In addition, each use should be separated by more than 30 minutes to ensure that no pipe deformation occurs. In fact, the best way is to pull out the plastic hose from the floor drain and directly clean the floor drain pipe.
    5. Dredger can be used for cleaning and dredge vegetable pool, basin, mop pool, floor drain, toilet, squatting pan, main pipeline, etc.
      The above is a detailed introduction to the cleaning quality requirements of Jinan septic tank. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com