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    Before, the awareness of environmental protection was not strong, and the rural toilets did not pay much attention to septic tanks. Now with the renewal of self built houses in rural areas, more and more people return home to build houses. The toilets in rural areas also need to keep pace with the times and become more and more modern. But the only constant thing is to dig a pit to build a septic tank. Although it's just a small septic tank, if it's not built well, it will not only affect the water source, but also affect the living environment. How to build a rural septic tank? Today's small compilation of Jinan septic tank cleaning gives you some advice.
    Site selection requirements
    Septic tank is mainly used to collect domestic sewage and excreta. The biggest problem is to produce peculiar smell. Therefore, when building septic tank, it must not affect neighbors.. Therefore, the septic tank will generally be far away from the main house, but also to avoid the location of the air vent. Can be located in their own vegetable can be used as fertilizer, but also convenient for the maintenance of the septic tank. It can also be built with biogas digesters. Many families will choose to dig behind the self built houses to meet the requirements and save costs.
    Septic tank blowdown
    After years of development, the septic tank now has the most mature and best used three format septic tank technology. Of course, these three grids are not built randomly. The ratio of the first tank to the second tank and the third tank is 2:1:3. The connection method of pipes is that the water inlet from the first tank to the second tank is at the bottom 1 / 3-1 / 2, the water outlet is on the surface, the water inlet from the second tank to the third tank is at the bottom 1 / 2, and the water outlet is on the top
    There are two construction methods for septic tank, one is to make red brick and cement first, and the other is finished product, which only needs to be installed.
    Sewage treatment plan of septic tank
    In rural areas, there are generally two solutions:
    1. Can take out the septic tank sewage, mix with clear water to dilute, water vegetables, flower seedlings, fruit trees, crops, etc
    2. At present, there are not many people who grow crops and fruit trees. There are also chemical fertilizers to replace them. So if the septic tank is full, you can call a manure truck to clean it. Generally, the septic tank can be cleaned once a year.
    The above is a way to clean up the rural septic tanks. I hope it can help you. To learn more, please click the official website http://www.khachathong.com 。