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      Concrete septic tank is an important part of urban infrastructure, but most of the concrete septic tanks are buried in the ground. Generally, we seldom pay attention to the location of the septic tanks. What to do when the concrete septic tank is full? What can I do? Today Jinan septic tank cleaning one by one for you.
      1. Operation principle of concrete septic tank
      The septic tank is generally planned as a three format septic tank. Fresh feces enter the No.1 tank through the toilet pipe. The feces in the tank start to ferment and differentiate into biogas. Due to different specific gravity, the feces can be divided into three layers. The upper layer is relatively thick fecal waste, the grass-roots layer is massive or granular fecal waste, and the middle layer is relatively clear fecal liquid. There are many bacteria and parasite eggs in the upper feces and the grass-roots fecal waste, and the middle layer is relatively clear There are less eggs, and the middle-level fecal liquid which starts to ferment flows to No. 2 tank through the fecal pipe. The second tank overflows to No. 3 tank after the differentiation and sedimentation of the re fermenting enzyme, and the No. 3 tank flows to the water pipe after the sedimentation and filtration.
      2. There are two ways to clean the three format septic tank
      First of all, we need to dredge the pipes, special dredge tanks, floor drains, toilets, bathtubs, urinals, drains, wells, three form septic tanks and other sewer pipes, so as to clean and modify various sewer pipes.
      Next is the pipeline cleaning, it is equipped with high-pressure cleaning function, which can eliminate animal and vegetable oil. All kinds of pipe blockage caused by feces and other sticky ignorance, sludge and garbage inflow.
      3. Precautions after cleaning the concrete septic tank
      10-15 seconds after the concrete septic tank well cover is opened, people shall not be allowed to be at the side of the tank, and burning or smoking at the side of the tank shall be prohibited to prevent the fire and explosion of biogas. As far as possible, the cleaning personnel should not go down the pool casually to prevent poisoning or falling. After the septic tank is cleaned, the well cover shall be covered to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well.