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      If the sewer is blocked and needs to be dredged, it should also be clear that dredging the sewer requires a certain fee, which is not completely free, but what is the price of dredging the sewer? When dredging the sewer, if you can use tools to dredge the effect will be better, what are the dredging tools?
      1、 What's the price of dredging the sewer
      1. In fact, it is hard to say how much is the price of sewer dredging, because different types of sewer dredging prices will vary greatly, such as the general kitchen sewer and the general sewer in the community. Furthermore, even if the same type of sewer is blocked for different reasons, its dredging difficulty will be different from the dredging materials or machinery used, and the amount of fees charged for natural dredging will become very subtle.
      2. For example, in some cities, the cost for manual professional dredgers to solve the problem of congestion is between 100-120 yuan, some 80-60 yuan, and some cities charge more 150-200 yuan, which may be related to the difficulty of dredging. The cost of our pipeline dredger to solve the problem of blockage is generally 20-30 yuan, the pipe diameter is generally large or small, and the cost will fluctuate up and down, but in general, the price is not expensive.
      2、 What are the drainage tools
      1. Log: first, insert a log close to the drain into the water pipe, and put a certain amount of water into the pool, and quickly pump the log up and down continuously. Under the action of suction and pressure, the dirt in the water pipe will be cleaned away.
      2. Spring bit: compared with the traditional method, it has certain technical content, after all, it uses modern tools. I think it's similar to the principle of the former bit used for filling teeth, but there is a certain limitation, that is, there are more bends, so it's not easy to use.
      3. High pressure gun: an air pressure bottle like an oxygen bottle (but much smaller) with a 40cm metal nozzle. First, fill the blocked pipe with water to about 10cm from the pipe mouth, put the metal nozzle into the pipe, and wrap the pipe mouth with a wet towel to seal. Turn on the air pressure switch and hear a clear underwater sound, which can also restore the project as usual.
      4. Dredger: buy a 2-meter pipe dredger on the floor stand, make some bends at the 2 cm of the head, drain the water at the same time, extend the dredger at the water outlet, shake it and extend it inward, then extend the dredger at the water inlet and drain the water at the same time, repeatedly try to clean it.
      How much is the price of dredging? When we start to dredge the sewer, we should ask about the specific dredging cost, determine the dredging cost, and then decide whether to dredge or not. What are the drainage tools? Only professional teachers can understand how to use these tools. Ordinary people can't use them well.
      The above is a detailed introduction of dredging pipeline, which is provided by Jinan pipeline dredging friendship. If you want to know more, please contact us http://www.khachathong.com Website.