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      Standards and precautions for cleaning septic tank
      The work of sorting out the septic tank is quite simple in the eyes of many people, but the feces are too dirty, no one is willing to sort them out. In fact, sorting out the septic tank is not a complicated business, but it requires some special equipment and standardized operation process and management knowledge, otherwise sorting out the septic tank is also a difficult business, and there is a certain risk
      Open the cover plate of the septic tank with an iron hook, and then use a long shovel to disperse the debris and caking layer in the septic tank. Drive the septic truck to the labor site, put the suction hose into the septic tank, start the switch of the septic truck, suck out the feces until the fecal caking in the septic tank is completely absorbed, so as to prevent polluting the labor site and the clothes of passers-by
      Cover the well cover of the septic tank, clean the labor site and all equipment with clean water. Arrange once a year, 90% of the primary tank, 75% of the secondary tank, and all the hard surfaces of the tertiary tank. After finishing, it can be seen that there is no accumulation floating on the top of the well, the inlet and outlet are smooth, and the sewage can not overflow the land. 10-15 minutes after the well cover of the septic tank is opened, people do not stand by the pool, and they are prevented from starting or smoking by the pool, So as to prevent people from being burned by firedamp
      Do not work in the tank to prevent staff from poisoning or falling into the water. After the septic tank well cover is opened, the workers cannot leave the site. After cleaning, cover the well cover with spit hands to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well suddenly
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