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      Pipeline blockage not only affects the life of your own home, but also may affect the lives of other residents in the community! It is very important to dredge the pipeline! So today, Jinan Shengguo pipeline cleaning and Transportation Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the precautions for drainage pipeline construction and the technical support for the construction personnel!
      What should be paid attention to in drainage pipeline construction? In the decoration of family houses, the leakage of water supply and drainage pipes often occurs. The only way is to carry out construction in strict accordance with the process requirements to ensure the quality of the project.
      First of all, there should be strict requirements for construction personnel. It is better not to subcontract important projects such as water and electricity to the guerrillas on the road. After the completion of this project, the owner had better check it in person.
      Drain pipes shall be UPVC Drain Pipes and fittings. Qualified products with manufacturer's name, brand, specification and model shall be selected. Don't go to the street shop to buy Sanwu products, because the plastic pipe looks similar, but actually the quality is very different. In order to reduce the cost, some enterprises add a lot of waste materials and recycled materials, which greatly reduces the product performance and life. Using this kind of pipe is equivalent to burying a time bomb in the room.
      The water supply pipe shall be connected with thread. The exposed thread shall be provided at its connection. After installation, it shall be fixed with pipe clamp in time. The connection between pipe and pipe fitting or valve shall be firm without any looseness. After the pipeline is installed, water shall be supplied for inspection, and the method of visual inspection and hand feeling shall be used to check whether there is leakage. Check whether all faucets and valves are installed smoothly, whether they are opened flexibly, whether the outlet water is unblocked and whether there is leakage. Check whether the water meter operates normally. After the above inspection, the pipeline can be closed for the next process.
      For some special cases, special care should be taken to avoid future troubles. For example, the pipeline is very long, connecting the kitchen and bathroom, or leading to the balcony, and the pipeline should go through the living room or room. Since the pipe is either buried in the wall or laid under the floor, once there is a problem, the consequences will be very serious, so there is no joint in the middle. The pipe diameter shall be enlarged properly to avoid blockage. If the pipeline is relatively long and there are many elbows, the maintenance port shall be set at the appropriate position to facilitate the maintenance of the pipeline in the future. Galvanized iron pipe shall not be used for hot water pipeline to prevent the corrosion and scale of the water pipe, and thermal insulation measures shall be taken.
      The above is the introduction of the precautions for drainage pipeline construction and the technical support for the construction personnel of Jinan Shengguo pipeline cleaning and Transportation Co., Ltd. welcome to the official website http://www.khachathong.com