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      Now on the market, most toilets are siphon type, just to wash away the dirt attached to the toilet surface. The disadvantages are large water consumption and simple blockage. Direct impact is not a simple and slight blockage, but a simple and slight reversal of the defect. So how many questions do you need to see to choose a toilet? .
      The best drain hole at the bottom of the toilet is one. Now many brands have 2-3 drain holes (according to different caliber), but the more drain holes, the greater impact on the punch.
      Pay attention to the glaze of the toilet. Good quality toilet glaze should be smooth and bright, non foaming, color saturation. After checking the glaze on the outer surface, you should also touch the toilet drain. If it is rough, simply hang it after the reason.
      The heavier the toilet, the better. The weight of the toilet is about 50 Jin, and that of the good one is about 100 Jin. The utility model has the advantages of large composition, high density and good quality. Simple test method for the weight of the toilet: take up the water tank cover with both hands and weigh it.
      There are many ways to dredge the water pipe below. So, how to solve the problem of sewer blockage?
      The downpipe is detachable. Just remove it, remove the debris and reinstall it.
      The downpipe cannot be disassembled, otherwise it cannot be disassembled. It can be filled with acid liquid such as white acid to make the plug soft or corroded, and then washed with clean water.
      Suddenly pour a large amount of water into the washbasin (maybe hot water is better), the impact force may wash away the obstacles; you can also use a harder wire to dredge: bend one end of the wire into a hook shape, gently hook a few times, or hook out the obstacles inside.
      Finally, you can hook it with something professional, such as a tension spring that is specially used to dredge the water pipe. If you can't operate it, there's a best and easiest way to do it: ask professionals to unblock it.
      The above is an introduction to the selection of toilets by Jinan pipeline dredging. To learn more, please click http://www.khachathong.com