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      The plastic septic tank shall be made of plastic septic tank. They are lighter, easier to transport, and cheaper than brick, fiberglass, and precast cement septic tanks. But it is certain that the ability to bear the pressure will be relatively weak. The septic tank is to be buried underground, and the soil needs to be covered on the septic tank. The weight of the truck is very heavy through the car, especially the truck. Even the pressure capacity of the FRP septic tank can not meet the requirements. Plastic septic tanks, unless used in special places, generally have a high risk of crushing. The septic tank is better to use the finished cement septic tank instead of pouring on site. The complete finished cement septic tank is transported to the site for installation after prefabrication in the factory. The installation is simple, and it can carry 60 tons of freight cars, with good sealing and thorough response. First, plastic septic tanks are easy to install. The plastic septic tank is an integral circular equipment, which can be installed into the pre excavation pit and connected with the pipeline. Compared with the traditional cement septic tank, it does not need to buy waterproof cement and brick, but also needs to build and plan the construction period. Because of this characteristic of plastic septic tank, it can greatly save labor and reduce installation cost for engineering department when carrying out large-scale septic tank construction project. Secondly, the plastic septic tank covers a small area to meet the narrow area requirements. According to the estimation of actual use, the plastic septic tank occupies a small area. The engineering plastic wall is about 5cm thick. Compared with 24cm bricks, the plastic septic tank can save about 40% of the surface area. Especially for the small area of septic tank building area, plastic septic tank is more suitable for such a space. Finally, plastic septic tanks are not easy to damage. In the traditional septic tank of cement system, due to the uneven stress, the surface of the septic tank is often unable to bear. If the vehicle is forced to drive on it, it may cause problems such as internal cement mortar falling off and cement block breaking. Some people think that the cement septic tank can be repaired quickly without affecting the use. In fact, this sentence is wrong. If the septic tank needs to be repaired during use, the toilet service must be suspended before repair. As the initial setting time of cement is 3 days, the toilet can only be used after the cement reaches the initial setting strength. This week's repair time will be inconvenient for the whole family.
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      The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan septic tank cleaning to plastic septic tank. To learn more, please click http://www.khachathong.com