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      1、 Clean up the septic tank
      1. 人進入化糞池應戴防毒面具和防護服,也應該戴安全帶,應該系著一根繩子軸承的能力超過100公斤,和繩子的另一端與梯子暴露在化糞池。
      1. When entering the septic tank, people shall wear gas masks and protective clothing, as well as safety belts. They shall wear a rope bearing with a capacity of more than 100 kg, and the other end of the rope and ladder shall be exposed in the septic tank.
      2. There must be two or three people in the septic tank at any time to pay attention to the situation in the septic tank. If the following conditions cannot be cleaned correctly, the staff of the septic tank shall pull up in time.
      Septic tanks generally have three lids, each with two small holes. We need to open each hole for half an hour or an hour.
      4. Then open the well cover with iron hook, and soak the fire water of each wellhead for about half an hour after opening. This will reduce the amount of methane in the septic tank.
      5. Then a bamboo pole with a length of about 5 meters is inserted into the septic tank, so that the septic tank can get deep dirt and sewage.
      6. 如果化糞池的深度超過1.5米,我們應該把比化糞池深1米左右的竹梯或其他梯子放入化糞池。
      6. If the depth of the septic tank is more than 1.5m, we should put the bamboo ladder or other ladders about 1m deeper than the septic tank into the septic tank.
      2、 Operation specification for septic tank cleaning
      1. 化糞池內的糞便、污水和污跡應清除并妥善處理。
      1. The feces, sewage and stains in the septic tank shall be removed and properly treated.
      2. 確保服務區內所有化糞池不會外溢。
      2. Ensure that all septic tanks in the service area do not overflow.
      3. In case of any abnormal situation such as sewage overflow of septic tank, it shall be handled within 8 hours after receiving the notice.
      4. 在清理化糞池的過程中,應采取相應的安全措施。
      4. In the process of cleaning the septic tank, corresponding safety measures shall be taken.
      3、 Septic tank cleaning procedure
      1. 用鐵鉤打開化糞池蓋板,再用長竹竿(8米)攪動化糞池內的雜物沉降層。
      1. Open the cover plate of the septic tank with an iron hook, and then stir the debris settling layer in the septic tank with a long bamboo pole (8m).
      2. 將吸糞車開到工地,設置好吸糞軟管(3根,長度5米),放入化糞池。
      2. Drive the suction truck to the construction site, set up the suction hose (3 pieces, 5 meters long) and put it into the septic tank.
      3. Start the switch of the suction truck to suck out the feces until the feces lumps in the septic tank are sucked out, so as to prevent the work site and pedestrian clothing from being polluted.
      4. 把化糞池蓋好,用清水沖洗工地及所有工具。
      4. Cover the septic tank and wash the construction site and all tools with clear water.
      5. 一級池90%,二級池75%,三級池所有硬面每年清洗一次,并搬運。
      5. 90% of the primary tank, 75% of the secondary tank and all the hard surfaces of the tertiary tank shall be cleaned and transported once a year.
      6. 化糞池清理干凈后,井內目視無物質漂浮,出水口暢通,防止污水外溢地面。
      6. After the septic tank is cleaned, there is no material floating in the well through visual inspection, and the water outlet is unblocked to prevent sewage from overflowing the ground.
      7、在化糞池人孔蓋打開10 - 15分鐘,池邊人不要站立,嚴禁在池邊點火或吸煙,以防甲烷著火燒傷人。
      7. Open the manhole cover of the septic tank for 10 - 15 minutes. Do not stand beside the tank. It is strictly forbidden to ignite or smoke near the tank to prevent people from being burned by methane fire.
      8. 化糞池蓋打開后,工作人員不得離開現場。清洗完畢后,應將井蓋蓋好,防止行人落入井中發生意外。
      8. After the septic tank cover is opened, the staff shall not leave the site. After cleaning, cover the well to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well.
      The above is a detailed introduction to the precautions for the cleaning of Jinan septic tank. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com