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      The daily cleaning and maintenance of sewer is very important. If not cleaned for a long time, the sludge and rust in the pipeline may solidify for a long time, reducing the original pipe diameter. The sludge in the pipeline for a long time will produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which will cause environmental pollution and explosion. Acid and alkali substances in the pipeline are easy to corrode the pipe wall; irregular removal of foreign matters in the pipeline will cause pipe blockage; harmful bacteria in the pipeline will pollute the environment. Do you know the importance of cleaning sewers? A comprehensive municipal service company integrating pipeline removal and plugging. Undertake pipeline cleaning, septic tank dredging, pipeline dredging, pipeline maintenance, sewer cleaning and other projects, phase I opening to the outside world. Details are as follows:
      Stop cracking. In northern China, buildings are usually not built in cold winter. Therefore, the water in the pumps and pipes will be discharged immediately after the completion of the works to prevent future problems. In winter, when water enters the pump, a certain amount of water shall be added into the pump before each suction of the centrifugal pump. After adding water, the water supply must be shut down. When using the self-priming pump for the first time, water needs to be added. In the future, there is no need to add water.
      What are the common interests of community sewer cleaning? First, use plastic pipes with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of about 1 m. One end is tightly placed on the faucet, the other end is inserted with a plug, and the plastic pipe is wrapped with a cloth to block the drain pipe. When the tap is turned on, the pressure from the mouth will wash away the mud. It's troublesome to get stuck in the pipe. So, in our life, what are the useful ways to clean up the pipeline? I hope to know friends and follow the company's leadership!
      Due to the construction structure, if there is pipe B on the riser, the upper part of pipe B shall be repaired according to the specification. If there is no design requirement, the cleaning pipeline shall be equipped with more than 2 large toilets or more than 3 sanitary wares. According to the specified construction and acceptance specifications, the included angle of sewage on the horizontal pipeline is less than 135 degrees. Inspection port or cleaning port should be set.
      Go to the mall to buy professional cleaning powder, such as swallowing king, which looks like lime powder. If something is blocked, it's just a special tool for cleaning the pipes upstairs. 6、 Animal Jam: if it's oily, boiled water is recommended. Of course, it's better if you can buy it.
      Buy some baking soda and vinegar. There are many methods and tools for pipeline dredging, which can be selected according to the actual situation. If the sewer is a new PVC material, you can use a vacuum pump to draw the water on it, and then it can be filled with vinegar, caustic soda, industrial vinegar, industrial alkali, etc., but it should be noted that if it is an old iron pipe, it cannot be mixed at the same time. The downpipe material, many of which only attempt to use weak acids at the vinegar level, will be effective after about 3 hours of object introduction. Unlock kitchen pipes - other tools to clean kitchen pipes tools and methods to clean the pipes find the right people without adding blockages.