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      At present, water pipes are often blocked. Our owners also have this kind of thing recently, such as municipal water pipes and hotel water pipes. These pipes are not good for dredging general machinery. They need to be washed with professional high-pressure cleaning and high-pressure cleaning. The high-pressure water jet cleaning and supercharging system is a pressurized water jet formed by spraying nozzle
      The dirt in the pipeline is cut off by high-speed water flow, and the pipeline is discharged into the sewage well with high flow, so as to thoroughly remove the dirt and sundries in the pipeline. The main objects of high-pressure water jet cleaning include: water pipe, industrial water pipe, unit, school, enterprise and public institution and residential quarter, sewage pipe, rainwater pipe, gas pipe, flue, etc. Hotel, hotel sewage pipe, government pipe: daily accumulation, Excessive dirt accumulation in the pipeline will affect the normal sewage flow
      The traditional way to solve the problem of clogging is dredging and dredging. These methods can only solve the temporary circulation of sewage, but can not fundamentally solve the problem. Analysis of the causes of pipe clogging: viscous materials such as vegetable oil, animal oil and waste enter the pipe, stick to the pipe wall, and form scale body, hair and cloth. Residual ornaments and microorganisms breed scale on the inner wall of the pipe, which accumulates for a long time, The tube is cycled or closed
      High pressure water jet cleaning uses water as the medium to clean the dirt and sundries in the pipeline by using the special equipment system to produce water with multiple beams and ultra-high pressure at different angles. High pressure water jet cleaning has a wide range of application, high efficiency, time saving, short construction period, no chemical reaction, no damage to the environment, and will not bring unnecessary troubles to customers, which is a problem