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      1. When the septic tank well cover is sealed, do not use a hammer to smash hard! Once a spark is thrown out, a septic tank will explode. Once the cover of the well is blown up and hit people, which septic tank manufacturer is good, it will be injured if it doesn't die! Last year, this situation occurred in our colleagues. Two workers were maimed due to several kilograms of manhole covers.
      2. When opening the septic tank, do not stand at the mouth of the septic tank to smoke. A large amount of combustible gas and toxic gas should be accumulated in the septic tank. Once encountering open fire, explosion and explosion will occur, which will also cause casualties.
      3、在整理化糞池時,整理化糞池廠家排名,千萬不能穿拖鞋!拖鞋一旦打滑,跌入化糞池內,就是必死無疑!整理化糞池做到這幾點 就可以防止事故的發生
      3. When sorting out the septic tank, rank the septic tank manufacturers, and never wear slippers! Once slippers slip and fall into the septic tank, they will surely die! Sorting out the septic tank can prevent accidents
      4. When the septic tank is blocked, it is necessary to run into the well for dredging. Be sure to make preparations. Set up a ladder, tie a safety belt, wear an oxygen conveyor belt, and stand 3-4 people on the well to prevent people from being pulled up in an instant once they miss. If these points are done, the risk of septic tank treatment will be greatly reduced.
      The above is the notice about septic tank. Jinan septic tank will clean up and offer. If you have other questions, please consult the official website http://www.khachathong.com !