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      Many families will encounter the situation of sewer blockage, but if you find a pipeline dredging company, it will be too much trouble. So today, Jinan pipeline dredging will tell you a few sewer dredging skills:
      1. Air pump dredging method: if the small pipe is blocked, the rubber pipe of the air pump can be plugged into the sewer, then the water outlet is sealed, and then enough water is poured into the sewer to quickly pump air into the sewer, so as to dredge the pipeline.
      2. Hydraulic dredging method: one end of the same plastic or rubber pipe with a diameter of 15mm and a length of 10m is wrapped on the faucet, and the other end is wrapped around the rubber pipe with iron wire. Then plug the small nozzle into the sewer, turn on the tap and turn it to the maximum. The Chengdu pipeline dredging tells you that the pressure and rapid flow of water from the water will easily wash away the blockage.
      3. Log dredging method: insert a log with a diameter close to the drainage outlet into the lower outlet, then put in enough water, and then pull the log back and forth. Under the dual effect of pressure and suction, the dirt in the pipe will be washed away.
      4. Soda water plus vinegar dredging method: this method may not have been heard by some people. In fact, it is to pour a proper amount of soda water into the sewer, and then pour a proper amount of vinegar, which will produce a chemical reaction, and then it will easily clear the dirt in the pipe.
      If the sewer is blocked at ordinary times, you can use the above methods to dredge it, but pay attention to safety and do not get hurt.
      The above is about the sewer dredging tips shared by Jinan pipeline dredging. For more information, please click http://www.khachathong.com Official website.